Documentation is an essential part of every business, but many struggle to create and manage these documents. Inefficient document workflows can cause employees to spend too much time looking for information, and could cost organizations money due to duplicated files, lost data or poor file organization.

Making sure your documents are organized is crucial to maximizing your productivity. It allows you to focus on more valuable tasks. Here are some tips to improve your documentation

1. Create a shared storage space for all files.

It is a common error to store documents in several locations, such as individual computers, within the corporate network, or in the cloud. All your documents should be kept in one place to make it easier to find them, and also to avoid duplicate work. 2. Create a clear order of folders.Organizing your files in an organized hierarchy of folders is critical to finding what you need quickly. It’s beneficial to distinguish ongoing work from completed projects, and to classify each category based on the type of project, type, or the user. For instance, storing spreadsheets, letters and presentations all together could make it difficult to locate the right document. Organizing files into different folders by these categories will make it easier to locate what you need.

3. Avoid using jargon in your documentation.

Utilizing industry-specific jargon in your documentation could lead to confusion. It’s important to keep your documentation simple and straightforward. There is no guarantee that everyone in your company will be familiarized with industry jargon, acronyms or abbreviations. Documentation that is simple to comprehend will allow your engineers to save time and respond to questions faster.

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